10 Ways to Stop Your Blog Going into Hibernation This Winter


10 Ways to Stop Your Blog Going into Hibernation This Winter

Laptop image by Charles Dyer

Image by Charles Dyer

As the weather gets colder, the days get darker and winter begins to settle in, it can be difficult to blog as frequently. Not only are there so many festive activities to fit in, but having to wear two pairs of gloves to type because we are living in arctic conditions takes away some of the fun of blogging.

But there endless ways of keeping your blog alive and kicking over winter; it’s time to melt away those winter blues and warm up our blogs with that infectious festive spirit.

Frequency never fails

If you have a negative mind-set then you’re instantly limiting your levels of productivity. It’s important to keep up regular posts to keep your readers interested, so set aside a time of the day or day of the week for blogging and use an editorial calendar to keep on top of your ideas.  Getting into a regular routine will make updating your blog easier than trying to blog here and there.

Tis the season

For those who are stuck for ideas, think seasonally. Whatever your field of interest, the change in weather and the build up to Christmas offer infinite possibilities for blog content. Keep an eye out for festive activities that could yield a great photo opportunity or topic to write about, such as an ice skating outfit post, mulled wine recipe or Christmas decoration DIY.

Love thy neighbour

Winter can be hard for many families and individuals so consider using your blog to write about those who also need a helping hand this season. Natasha has written a post on fashion and food banks – why not write your own on a matter close to your heart or important within your community? The feel-good factor could lift you out of your blogging slump and help those in need.

Challenge yourself

Go on, we dare you. If your blogging lull is extending itself into your daily life, set yourself a new challenge or early New Year resolution. Whether it’s fitness related, something as simple as having to wear a new outfit every day of the month or you want to read the ten best books ever written, it’s something to document on your blog.

Branch out

Don’t be afraid of branching out into other areas. We don’t think there’s anything wrong with having your fingers in many pies, as long as you don’t lose the essence of what makes your blog special. So maybe you’re a fashion blogger who fancies writing about your dream winter holiday location? Go for it!

New tricks

When your regular features and techniques begin to feel like a chore, spruce them up a little by learning a new skill. There is so much to be learnt with photography and you get a great sense of achievement by trying something different. Even if you don’t blog about what you’ve learnt, the skills will come in handy for feature posts.

Lack of light

With the evenings getting darker it can be tricky taking good quality photos. If you can’t wait until the weekend to make use of natural light, try changing your camera’s aperture and ISO levels. External flashes and other lighting kits are effective but if you don’t want to invest in anything pricey, choose the room with the whitest light and play with the white balance option on your camera to avoid a dingy orange glow to your photos.

All I want for Christmas…

Remember all those lists you compiled over the years to send to Santa? Well your blog is the modern equivalent. Compiling gift idea posts and Christmas wish-lists is a fun way to create content for your blog and a cheeky hint to friends and family about what you’d like to find under the tree this year. Check out Polyvore or make your own collages using a photo editing programme.

A little help from your friends

If you’re struggling with motivation and inspiration, how about organising a small blogger meet-up with those in your area? Chatting with your fellow bloggers about projects they’re working on is guaranteed to get you excited about future prospects for your own blog.

And when all else fails…

… call on the blogging community for help. We’re sure they’d love to give you a guest post or two to keep your blog active whilst you’re taking time out to recharge your blogging batteries.


The doom and gloom of wintery weather doesn’t have to leak into your blog; what will you do to add a bit of festive sparkle to your posts throughout the season? We’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments box below.



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