18 Blog Post Ideas for When Writer’s Block Strikes


18 Blog Post Ideas for When Writer’s Block Strikes

We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling when sitting staring at a blank screen and being unable to form a sentence or think of what to write next. It’s frustrating but rest assured, it’s completely normal and very common. Every writer will experience this at some point, probably more than just the once.

In times of desperation, it’s a good idea to have a list of blog post ideas to dip into. When the subject is in front of you, it might be a little easier to find the words. do a little research and plan out the post.

We’ve put together a little catalogue of blog post ideas you can refer to when you are suffering from the dreaded writer’s block! These title ideas are foolproof and can work for you, no matter what your blog is about.

1. A letter to your younger self

A lovely self-indulgent post where you address your younger self, sharing some of what you’ve learnt over the years and how things that you worried about then needn’t have worried you so much. A therapeutic post!

2. Your favourite people on Instagram

A great way to plug your favourite Insta accounts and share what you love about their feeds. There’s always a chance that if you share this post with those people they will share it too.

3. Review the last book you read / movie you saw / series you watched

This can apply to any content you’ve recently consumed and had an opinion about. People love recommendations, so these posts are useful to your readers as well as being great filler content when block strikes.

4. Write a list of top tips in any area

Parenting, relationships, DIY, decorating, driving, gardening, blogging – anything goes. Just write a list of tips in that area that have stood you in good stead. Share your wisdom!

5. Share a recipe you love

It could be a fail-safe recipe you fall back on when you are lacking inspiration, it could be a family recipe or a tasty recipe you made up. Write it out, then cook it and take photos of your process!

6. Share a great community story

You could highlight a local organisation, business or charity that you think are fantastic and deserve a shout out. Maybe go and talk to them, get some quotes for your post and a few pictures.

7. Talk about a current event or news item

If something in the news has prompted you to think about and research an issue, then write an opinion piece on it. Share your post on Twitter and use whatever hashtag is trending on the topic.

8. How to decorate your workspace

Whatever your décor tastes are, put together a little interior design post about how to decorate your workspace to maximise productivity and encourage thinking and concentration.

9. Write an in-depth guide

Choose a topic you’re interested in; your city, your blogging platform, your favourite food or author, whatever – and write an in-depth guide. Do lots of research, include your sources and become an expert!

10. Share your favourite quotes

From writers, musicians, actors, philanthropists, scientists – anyone who has inspired you with wise words.

11. Talk about the changes and developments in your topic area or industry in the last ten years 

 Whatever your topic is, there will be plenty to talk about in terms of how things have developed over the last decade. If your subject is parenting, talk about how the perception of parenting has evolved over the years. Hot topic, right there.

12. How social media has affected your life

Another hot topic with plenty of scope for an in-depth sociological analysis of the impact of social media on the collective consciousness. Something you can really sink your teeth in to, regardless of which side of the fence you’re sitting on.

13. Your top ten apps

And how they help your everyday life, why do you love or recommend them.

14. Your favourite shows/movies on Netflix right now

These posts get lots of engagement because of how ‘current’ the Netflix lifestyle is now, with over 130 million users worldwide.

15. Write a fictional story

If fiction isn’t your area, this could be a really fun writing exercise! Pick a topic and just start writing a story about it, like you did when you were in school. The results might surprise you! If all goes well, you could turn it into a series, uploading a chapter each week.

16. Write about your favourite blogs/bloggers

Make this a list post containing details and summaries of your favourite blogs to read. This is a great way to shout out other bloggers, put your blog on their radar and share some great resources to your readers!

17. Invite a blogger you know to write a guest post

This can ‘beef up’ your blog content and of course, introduce your blog to a whole new audience which could do wonders for your traffic and readership!

18. How to plan content for your blog

Share how you create your content calendar, curate content for your blog and any other processes you use to keep your blog updated. Even just writing about this might inspire you to come up with more content ideas, whilst helping your readers do the same!


If you are still struggling to write, step away from your computer for a while and do something else.

Come back to it later and use our list to prompt you! The words will come, and you may end up writing some of your best content. Also have a read of our post about generating blog post ideas when you have none, for extra inspiration to kick that writer’s block!

Have a look at our writing tips section for more handy blogging guides and ideas. Don’t forget to comment below and go-to blog posts that you think we missed!





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