4 Ways to Stay Motivated to Blog


4 Ways to Stay Motivated to Blog

There are well over 200 million blogs out there, but only a portion of these are active. Many blogs are simply abandoned after a few months or years.

So, why do so many bloggers give up? Most often it’s just that they feel their blog is invisible. If you’re not getting the traffic, shares and comments you’d hoped for, you can feel like you’re talking to yourself.

But there’s no reason to lose hope. In many ways, blogging is like how a shuttle launches, using 70% of its fuel on the take off and 30% for the rest of the trip. In blogging, you need to invest a lot of time and energy at the beginning before you can easily maintain the day-to-day running of your blog.

But if you’re investing a lot time and energy in something which isn’t bringing back the results, you may start to wonder why you’re doing it. Your motivation could wane as you run out of time or things to say.

So, here are our tips to help you stay motivated to blog regularly:

Brainstorm Ideas

On a day when you’re feeling really motivated about your blog, take some time to brainstorm everything related to your life or blog topic that you might like to talk about. If you’re stuck for ideas, look at your favourite blogs or magazines for inspiration, or research upcoming national holidays that you could tie into your blog’s theme.

Turn these ideas into an editorial plan and then you have something to stick to – and it should help to combat ‘blank screen syndrome’.

 Set Achievable Goals

No matter how successful your blog is, there’s always something you could improve. Set yourself achievable goals that you can measure – for instance, don’t just try to ‘get more Twitter followers’, instead try to grow your Twitter audience by 100 followers in the next month. This way, there will always be something that you’re working towards.

 Use Positive Feedback to Motivate Yourself

We’re all motivated by positive feedback – so make the most of any comments you get or any opportunities there are to get more feedback.

For instance, if you get a positive comment, respond to it and say more than just ‘thanks’ – use it as an opportunity to engage with that reader. If they loved your post, ask them what they’d like to read from you next. You can even use the reader’s comments as inspiration for your next post!

In the early stages of your blog, it’s important to share your posts with friends and family, so that you get some feedback, even if your readership is low.

You could also consider getting a blogging buddy, or you could join a blogging group – everyone is keen to support each other in these groups and you’ll get the benefit of knowing you’re helping other bloggers, whilst motivating yourself.

Create Good Blogging Habits

Part of why people stay motivated is because they’ve got into good habits – they have a structure and they stick to it. For instance, try creating a timetable for writing or photo-shoots and ensure it becomes your blogging ritual.

You could also try taking a break from your house and blogging in a public space. You’ll find it’s much harder to stare blankly at a screen in a coffee shop than it is in your own home – just knowing that people can see you’re doing nothing is enough to get anyone typing.

Creating a successful blog is never easy – but giving up is. While blogging can be tough, the rewards are worth it and hopefully this post has given you lots of ways that you can help motivate yourself to keep going.

Do you have any other top tips? Share your thoughts below.



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