5 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog for Free


5 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog for Free

With a new blog springing up every minute, getting your voice heard in the ever-growing blogasphere can be hard work. If you’re new to the blogging scene or strapped for cash, paying for advertising space on other blogs can seem like an unnecessary expense.

While professional bloggers or those earning money from blogging might consider paying for advertising, it’s much more effective  and rewarding to spend your time rather than your money. Aside from saving your precious cash, you’ll be forming valuable relationships with other bloggers as you go. Win-win!

Tweet, comment, like, share

With tens of thousands of bloggers and readers within your reach, Twitter and Facebook hold unlimited possibilities for promoting your blog. Post tweets and status updates that include links to your blog or latest post, but remember that social media is a two-way conversation, so stick to a handful of self-promotional tweets or updates throughout the day, interspersed with your usual content.

Twitter chats are another great way to raise awareness of your blog, as well as providing the added bonus of getting to know your fellow bloggers. Although not as widely used for blog-promoting, Instagram is a largely underrated tool when it comes to aiding the visibility of  your blog. Upload a snap of your latest post, add a filter, throw in a hashtag or two and don’t forget about your blog URL – hyperlinks aren’t allowed on Instagram, but it still helps to get the name of your blog out there and point followers in the right direction.


Button-swapping is the perfect way to gain new subscribers; by and large, bloggers trust the opinion of other bloggers, so if they see your button on a blog they admire they are likely to check yours out.

However, it’s unlikely that a blogger will take on your badge if this is the first thing they hear from you. Try to build a relationship with other bloggers and show them you’re serious about being friends before you jump in with the suggestion of a button-swap.

Genie in a bottle

The internet is inundated with Q&A forums and searching for a question related to the theme of your blog will bring up hundreds of results. Rather than just spamming your link across these pages, find a question which is answered in one of your posts, and suggest your page as a suitable answer. Make sure your post fits the question though, otherwise you could get booted out!

Free resources

Yes, you heard right, we said free. Always keep your eyes peeled for great online offers that could contribute towards the promotion of your blog. For example, signing up to an influence ranker like Klout could give you the opportunity to print free business cards. You can then leave these cards in relevant places to your blog, such as in your hairdressers or local salon if you’re a beauty blogger, or your kids’ pre-school if you’re a parenting blogger. Don’t forget to take them along to blogger events, too!

Friends and family (aka your new marketing team)

Your friends and family are likely to be some of your biggest fans, inspiration and motivators when you’re feeling down about your blog. We know they’d be more than happy to assist your promotions by sharing on their social networks, sending out an email or the good old-fashioned method of word-of-mouth. Don’t underestimate the power of gossip!

With so many powerful tools and spaces available for free on the internet, there really is no need to spend your precious money on promoting your blog. What do you think? Are there any other free promotional tips you would add to the list?