5 Most Inspiring Influencers of the Moment


5 Most Inspiring Influencers of the Moment

It seems that the world is run by influencers at the moment; affecting how we shop, how businesses market products, how we dress, where we travel to and what we talk about online. They are leading the way, leading the conversation and keeping many of us social media addicts up to date with what’s hot and what’s not.

There are so many influencers out there to follow that cover so many lifestyles and genres, there’s a mentor for everyone. What’s nice to see, is how some influencers are not just trailblazing but are absolutely setting the world on fire!

Here are some of the most inspiring influencers of the moment:

  1. Mari Malek – @immarimalek

This awe-inspiring girl sought refuge in America from South Sudan where civil conflict made everyday life dangerous. She went from living in a refugee camp to a deprived housing estate in New Jersey. She moved to New York after becoming a single mum and went on to become a model, an actor, a DJ and then a humanitarian, when she set up a non-profit called ‘Stand for Education’ which focuses on providing access to education in South Sudan, as well as empowering children and women through education and arts.

She travels the world speaking at events and promoting her charity as well as being a supermodel, DJ and all-around inspirational badass the rest of the time. Follow her!

  1. Adrian Grenier @adriangrenier

You may recognise him from the show Entourage or as Andy’s chef boyfriend in The Devil Wears Prada, but you might not have known him as the incredibly woke influencer he is today.

Adrian uses his power for the good of the planet, by spreading the word about campaigns aiming to end ocean pollution, ban plastics and teach people how to live sustainably with less / zero waste. He throws his weight behind charities supporting environmental issues and is vocal about these causes as well as political ones on social media.

  1. Michelle Chavez@michelleforgood

This Los Angeles based fashion and lifestyle influencer is dedicated to buying and promoting products that do not cause harm to people or things. She’s what’s known as an ethical fashionista, part of the conscious capitalism movement and a self-confessed ‘conscious’ lifestyle writer as she shares her finds, tips and tricks with her followers.

She also started The Tote Project with her best friend in a bid to raise awareness of human trafficking and modern-day slavery and how it impacts our consumerist society in almost every way. She strives to source all manner of products that are ethically manufactured (without hurting any people or the environment) – and promote these places to her band of followers.

Keep up the good work Michelle, it’s a fantastic cause!

  1. Tatyana Fazlalizadeh – @tlynnfaz

This amazing feminist artist and founder of @stoptellingwomentosmile , the international art project tackling gender-based street harassment.

Tatyana uses her visual art to address the daily oppression experienced by the marginalized.  She speaks out against racism, bigotry, prejudice, discrimination and other wrongs done to those who are marginalized in society.

She wields her social power and platform to promote her projects, speak up for those who need a voice and pushes people to confront uncomfortable realities that need to change.

She’s a brilliant woman, artist and activist and you should check her out immediately.

  1. Charlie Dark – @daddydarkrdc

East London poet and DJ Charlie Dark founded a collective called the Run Dem Crew – a running club that goes beyond organised running, but more builds communities while mentoring and guiding young people, empowering them and offering opportunities to expand horizons while getting healthy.

Charlie is also a yoga instructor, public speaker and all round ‘movement polyglot’ – pushing his message of connectivity and inclusivity to communities and offering creatives an outlet to move, empower themselves and connect with others through running, climbing, yoga and other physical pursuits.

He’s also part of the Amnesty Collective – a group of artists, influencers and activists who use their platform and influence to raise awareness for various causes and speak up against injustice and oppressive experience.

We think these people are all incredible – they have curated movements that not only help huge numbers of people but also mobilise more to do the same. We love influencers who show us what they’re wearing and what they’re eating, but we also really love these inspiring influencers who are leading a real revolution!



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