Attending a Blog Meet: Tips for Reducing First-Time Nerves


Attending a Blog Meet: Tips for Reducing First-Time Nerves

Following on from our previous post about the perks of attending a blog event, we’re now going to show you that there is nothing scary about them either. Many bloggers who are new to blog meets tend to get a little worried about stepping out from behind the computer screen. But you don’t need to be! Here’s why…

Bloggers are lovely!

Now we don’t want to blow our own trumpet or anything but… people in the blogging world are undeniably friendly – especially at a blog meet! You’re all there to have fun, share interests and blog about your experiences. You’ll feel right at home in no time and if you’re there for a particular brand, they’ll be sure to make you feel valuable. Don’t forget – the event is being held for you.

Remember that everyone is in the same boat

There will always be someone else in the same position as you. As blog meets grow more popular, the demand from new bloggers increases. And remember, even if you are the only newbie in the room – everyone was ‘new’ at some point in their blogging life so they know how you feel and will be extremely welcoming. Plus, the event organiser is guaranteed to be 10x more nervous than you!

It will get easier each time

You might be a little nervous before your first meet but you won’t be for your second! And before long you’ll be a blogging meet expert at every event…

How to reduce those first-time nerves…

Although we all know blog events are a fabulous and fun occasion, everyone is bound to get a little anxious when stepping out of their comfort zone for the first time. So here are a few tips to ease your concerns:

Read up on previous blog events

Attending anything as the new girl/boy is always easier when you know what to expect. Have a look around the blogosphere for write-ups on similar events. Maybe even one the organiser has held before? This way you can get some idea of what the day could be like.

Tweet before the event

There will be many other bloggers tweeting before an event. Whether they’re chatting about how excited/nervous/unprepared they are or discussing what to wear; chances are it’s at least being spoken about. Get involved in the action and you’ll feel better straight away. As outfit choices are often what we fret about the most, tweeting to find out what people are wearing is also a very beneficial way to calm those nerves.

Meet up beforehand

Many bloggers, particularly those travelling further distances to attend the meet, are happy to meet up beforehand so send an open invitation tweet and see who wants to join you. Going along with someone will make the whole experience a lot easier, plus there’s the added bonus that you won’t get lost either – safety in numbers indeed!

So there you have it! We can tell you’re now bursting to get to the next event near you and we can’t wait to hear how you get on. To find your local blog meet visit our blogger events calendar.



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