CollectivEdge presents: Bloggers Running Britain


CollectivEdge presents: Bloggers Running Britain

Bloggers Running Britain 2013 | CollectivEdge

Do you remember the first time you read a blog and knew, instantly, that you had to bookmark it or add it to Google Reader, Bloglovin or GFC? We do!

Long before Collectiv Edge existed, we were reading and sharing our favourite blogs with one another. It got us thinking about the people behind the blogs, the bloggers who could win us over just by sharing a new recipe, photos of their recent shopping splurge or a review of the latest must-have gadget. Their passion and enthusiasm for a particular subject shines through their words, photographs and even their tweets, and that’s what makes them special.

Last month, to showcase some of our favourite bloggers, we launched Bloggers Running Britain, a list of the top twenty bloggers who have had a massive impact in their various fields.

These bloggers are shaping the conversations taking place about topics that range from weddings and football or personal finance or eco-living. We can’t wait to read about what they get up to next.

Bloggers Running Britain will be back next year and who knows; maybe your name will be on the list in 2014!



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