Blog Promotion: Does Your Blog Need a Facebook Page?


Blog Promotion: Does Your Blog Need a Facebook Page?

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With over a billion users worldwide, Facebook has infiltrated our lives like no other social media platform, but does that mean it’s the right promotion tool for your blog?

In a recent post we commented on the increasing demand of blog promotion via social media but Facebook has a lot of bloggers on the fence. Twitter is great for sharing blog links and up-to-the-minute news, Instagram can share personal snapshots between posts, but Facebook is a tool we primarily use for communicating with friends and family privately. Well, if you can call sharing holiday snaps and drunken escapades with 500 ‘friends’ and your Uncle Richard private…

If you’re feeling more ‘meh’ than ‘yeah!’ about a Facebook fan page for your blog then take a look at these pros and cons, as put together by us CollectivEdge bods.



Be where your readers are. Facebook is the don of social media sites, with millions of users in each country. By having a page on Facebook, your blog’s presence is there even when your readers are sorting out their social lives.

Measure your reach. Facebook Insights can show you what your fans are reading, how they’re spending time on your page and their demographics. You can export the data to comb through offline, or you can see an overview of your stats by clicking on the Insights tab.

Get limitless likes. A Facebook profile is limited to 5000 friends, so if your blog goes stratospheric, new readers won’t be able to interact with you. A page will allow millions of people to like, share and see your new content.

You’re securing your brand. Your blog is your brand and even if you don’t want to promote it on Facebook, it’s still worth securing a page for it, just in case anyone goes looking for your blog on there. A simple page with your blog URL and links to other social media platforms that can act as a landing page is better than someone searching for you, only to find a plumber with the same company name instead.

You can ‘be’ your blog. With a Facebook page you can ‘like’ and comment on other brand pages as your blog rather than through your personal profile. This offers you more visibility and allows you to interact with readers, bloggers and brands without needing to expose your personal profile.



Social Media Bore. It’s another social media network to update to every day/time you post.

That time sinking feeling. You could get sucked into the Facebook vortex of looking at 1000s of holiday photos or casually seeing what your ex looks like now…buzzstream

The ‘promoted posts’ problem. It remains unclear just how many people will see your posts unless you pay to promote them; if your time is at a premium, perhaps it’s better invested using other social media.


The verdict? We’re swinging towards making a Facebook page for your blog. If nothing else it can act as a landing page or gateway to your other social media platforms, plus securing ownership could be worthwhile, in case you want to spend more time on it in the future.

Do you have a dedicated Facebook page for your blog, and how do you use it to get the best results? Share your thoughts here or on our very own CollectivEdge Facebook page.



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