Educate your Boss on Influencer Marketing


Educate your Boss on Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is great, we know we may be a little bit bias, but it can bring new opportunities and custom to any brand, big or small. It can boost sales, brand awareness and create partnerships that can last a lifetime.

However, the world of influencer marketing is very new and even though many of us see the wonders it can bring, your boss may not. Traditional marketing strategies are still favoured among many large brands and there may be doubts on the impact influencer marketing can achieve.

But never fear! Below we have answered all your boss’s questions and queries so that you can show them the benefits of influencer marketing and become the star of the office.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is type of marketing that uses key individuals to push a brand toward a larger, or different, audience. These individuals can influence their audience toward certain ideas, behaviours and products.

These influencers could be from any social media channel and from any background. It is common to think of famous YouTube beauty gurus or bloggers when thinking of influencers, but influencers can also be experts in any field, from medicine to physics!

How do influencers and brands become paired?

Finding an influencer can be as simple as logging on to social media and contacting the influencer directly. It has become even easier to contact influencers directly thanks to developments such as Instagram business accounts which allow you to email the influencer, or their PR contact, straight away.

However, many brands and influencers will use agencies like us at CollectivEdge (shameless self- promo we know) to pair the perfect brand with the perfect influencer. Agencies can save a huge amount of time and ensure a brand is partnered with an influencer that is passionate and has the perfect target audience.

Is influencer marketing expensive?

It depends on who your influencer is and what you’re marketing. The influencers cost will depend on their engagement rates, impressions, niche and their popularity. They can also vary greatly, since many influencers are their own boss ultimately meaning they can decide how much they will charge.

It is important to note that if your brand has a smaller budget you can still use influencers. Smaller influencers with a smaller following can be just as effective as they may have a niche audience which will be more receptive toward the product you’re selling. For example, a fisherman with 1,000 followers may have 1,000 followers dedicated to spending money on fishing. These smaller stars will be much cheaper and just as effective.

Agencies can also help here. Many agencies will have pre-negotiated rates that their influencers agree too so that, as a brand, you can see exactly how you will have to pay.

What is the legality surrounding influencer marketing?

It is important to understand the legal side of influencer marketing so that you don’t find yourself in any tricky situations. For our American following, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has strict endorsement guidelines that influencers must follow or they may face a legal dispute.

Many influencers show their partnership through hashtags such as #ad #sp or #sponsored. They can also simply disclose they are partnered with the brand, for example writing ‘I am excited to be partnered with…’ It is important brands understand that influencers must disclose this information before they partner with them.

What are the benefits of running an influencer marketing campaign?

Where do we start! Influencer marketing campaigns bring another level of brand awareness to your company. Everyone trusts the person they look up too, their opinion is valuable and can sway the audience in a certain direction. Utilising this adds another voice of recommendation for your brand, another good word and more good rep.

Influencers are in touch with their audiences and are a friendly, trusted communication between your brand and the target audience. They can open new opportunities, creative ventures and provide your brand with a better, more personal understanding of your target audience.

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