Celebrating Father’s Day: Five of the Best ‘Daddy’ Blogs


Celebrating Father’s Day: Five of the Best ‘Daddy’ Blogs

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The UK parent blogging scene is dominated by women. In a recent Tots100 parent blogger study an overwhelming 97% of respondents were female.

However, dads are getting in on the act too; with the number of stay at home fathers reaching record levels last year, the rise in male parenting blogging is steadily rising. From SHADs looking for a creative outlet to men sharing their parenting frustrations and successes on forums like Mumsnet and Dadz Club, fathers are striking their social media drums more than ever before.

To celebrate Father’s Day on June 16th – yep, THIS Sunday – and as a homage to our own beloved dads, here are some of our favourite parenting blogs run by men. If you’re favourite dad blog isn’t on this listen then don’t forget to share it in the comments!

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Bringing up Charlie

Stay at home dad Tim Atkinson has become something of a parent blogging celebrity, having appeared on ITV’s This Morning, contributing regularly to BBC Radio and winning several blogging awards. Bringing up Charlie blog charts the progress of Tim and his children, as his wife returns to work and leaves him to change the diapers. Expect tongue in cheek humour, advice and competitions.

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Shouty Dad

This blog is a grumpy look at the day to day trials of dads everywhere. Chronicling the lives of a father of three, expect every topic from car journeys and sleepovers to the etiquette of dealing with temper tantrums.  Although it’s not jam-packed with indispensable advice for parents, Shouty Dad is an entertaining look at the humour to be found in everyday family life.

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Single Parent Dad

Ian Newbold suddenly became a single parent when his wife Samantha died in 2005. His blog, Single Parent Dad, is a touching look at coping with bereavement, and life as a single parent to his son Max. Newbold describes himself as ‘forever grateful’ for the suggestion that he started blogging. The blog gave him an out let for his thoughts, and a community he could discuss them with. SPD is a great example of how blogging brings people together, and has become a lifeline for its readers.

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Dad Down Under

British expatriate Matt Ross claims to have two children; a son and his blog. Now that’s blogging dedication. A stay at home dad based in Melbourne, Australia, Matt likes to indulge his ‘missing life as a ‘modern man’ syndrome’ by writing about food, fitness, fashion and travel. Albeit with little people in tow. In his own words he is a dad ‘who insists on having his cake and eating it’.

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An accountant by day, daddy blogger by night, Alex highlights issues that many weary working parents with young children face. Daddacool covers numerous topics, including useful product reviews, dealing with sexism towards fathers and the occasional vlog post too. Not to be left out, his wife Claire also runs her own parenting blog, Being a Mummy.



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