Introducing Our Design-a-Blind Competition with Order Blinds


Introducing Our Design-a-Blind Competition with Order Blinds

We’re thrilled to announce our latest competition. Passionate about interior design, or dream of becoming a designer? We’re giving between 1 and 6 of you the chance to see a children’s window blind designed by you produced and sold on the Order Blinds website!

Plus, you’ll win a roller blind up to 190 x 250cm in size featuring your own design, so you can show it off every time a guest comes round. The 1st place winner will also receive a £100 Amazon voucher to spend on whatever they like.

“But I can’t draw!”, you say. No worries – the winning design(s) will be recreated by a professional illustrator if required before they go to print, so we’re really just looking for fun and unique ideas.

Need a little inspiration? Here is a look at some of what Order Blinds currently offers for children’s bedrooms and playrooms…



From cars to cupcakes, fruit to fairy princesses, and sea life to simple stripes, there are so many themes you could run with. If you have children, what would they like in their room?

How do I enter?

To enter, simply write a blog post showing off your window blind design. This can be either hand-drawn or a digital illustration, and we’re looking for a small print/pattern that can be repeated across the blind, rather than one large picture that takes up the full blind. Here is an example.

Email us a link to your blog post to by midnight on 31st January 2017. 

For full terms and conditions, please click here.

Have any questions? Leave a comment or tweet us @collectivedge. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!



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