Make Your Readers Flip With These 5 Quick Blogging Tips


Make Your Readers Flip With These 5 Quick Blogging Tips

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Woohoo, it’s Pancake Day! Any day that celebrates food is good by us, especially if it allows for terrible puns that can be spun into brilliant blogging tips. So get cracking for an egg-cellent guide to improving your next post in the time it takes to squeeze a lemon.

Look for inspiration in un-eggs-pected places

We’ve used Pancake Day as the catalyst for this post, and even though pancakes have nothing to do with blogging, we wanted to look outside of our usual sources of inspiration. If you feel your inspiration is running low, step away from the computer and try something different, such as picking up a magazine, reading a book, going for a walk or visiting an exhibition.

Fine-tune your title

The title you give each post can make a huge difference to where it appears in search engine results, which means increased visibility and more readers. Song lyrics and quotes are eye-catching, but a simple tweak from an ambiguous title to a straightforward one (such as ‘Jools Holland: The Golden Age of Song album review’) can lead more people looking for Jools Holland in your direction.

Triple-check your spelling…

…and grammar for that matter. If you want your site to be a source of entertainment, information and inspiration then your content needs to be spot on. Taking an extra five minutes to proof your next post could help you pick up a mistake you’d previously missed, which could make the difference between a one-time visitor and a recurring one.

Turn your spam filter off

This is a bit of a controversial tip that might get us a battering (geddit?) in the comments section but it can really work for some bloggers. Sometimes one of the biggest barriers for readers is the lengths they have to go to to tell you how much they love your new dress, or how helpful that post on seasonal veg was. By making them sign up to a commenting service or fill out Captcha codes before leaving a comment, you can turn some readers off. Try simplifying your commenting process and if, after a week, you find there are more spam comments than anything else then you can always turn it back on.

Add social sharing buttons

If your readers really love a post you’ve written, it’s important that you make it as quick and easy as possible for them to share with their followers. Most blogging platforms provide social sharing widgets but you can also download plugins for free that will do the same job. Once the share buttons are installed, they’ll appear underneath every post, or in a sidebar, so your readers can easily ‘like’ your content or share it with their followers.



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