Parenting Bloggers: Photography Tips for Fidgeting Kids.


Parenting Bloggers: Photography Tips for Fidgeting Kids.

Today is National Sons and Daughters day in the US, and to celebrate your little munchkins we’re offering our best photography tips for perfectly capturing your kids no matter how fidgety or busy playing they may be.

Any parenting blogger will know how difficult it can be to get amazing photos of your children for each blog post, and you’ll know that it requires a lot of patience to get a great shot. So to help your sanity, here are 4 of our favourite photography tips that all parenting bloggers should know.

Master the Candid Shot

It’s highly likely that you’ll struggle to get your kids to sit still long enough for you to take a flawless posed shot, so a natural shot is the next best thing.

Mastering the candid shot is a blessing for any parenting blogger. Simply let your kids play and keep themselves entertained as you move around to find the best light, angle and keep snapping away. This way the kids won’t get bored of you waving a camera in their face, and you’ll get some truly adorable shots of them looking happy in their natural environment.

PB Photography 1

Make the Most of Natural Light

In our post on beginners’ photography tips, we talk about how important lighting is for any type of photography. Embrace the golden hours, set up an activity in the garden or near the window, and turn off your camera’s flash to make the most of it.

You’ll find that no matter your photography abilities, the natural light will instantly improve your shot.

Know your Shutter Speeds

If you’re a pretty camera savvy blogger, you’ll probably be a dab hand at knowing your shutter speeds already. If you’re not, don’t fear – it isn’t as complicated as it sounds.

The shutter speed is the length of time the sensor is exposed to light, so the faster the shutter speed the better it is for fast-moving, sport, animal and children shots. We would recommend using 1/500th of a second for general photography, and any shutter speed ranging between 1/800 s to 1/1500 s for photographing your ever-active kids.

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Keep Calm & Keep Trying

Photographing your children can be a real test of patience, and when they don’t do what you want them to it can be easy to getting frustrated and want to give up. The most important parenting photography tip is remembering to stay calm!

Getting annoyed will upset both you and the kids, so be patient and in the end you’ll get the desired outcome, it just might take a few attempts.


We hope our tips can help you instantly improve your parenting blog photography, and result in some truly adorable shots of the kids. Let us know if you have any more tips in the comments below.



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