Blogging 101: Could Pinterest Be Your Blog’s New BFF?


Blogging 101: Could Pinterest Be Your Blog’s New BFF?

Put a pin on it

Over at CollectivEdge HQ, Pinterest is one of our favourite sites to browse. We hold our paws up and admit it; we love to pin. Pinterest is like our perfectly organised dream world for things that we’d love to buy, love to wear and love to eat. Not to mention collecting and displaying all the hints, tips and useful facts that we’ve found – who knew dental floss could be used to cut cake!?

But aside from all the wonderful daydreams and curious discoveries that Pinterest offers, it can also be useful for your blog by offering content ideas and even boosting traffic. Read on to find out how…

Pinterest = Fresh Content

We all know that when it comes to blogging, content is king, which basically means that people like to read or look at something that’s going to be of interest to them; something a little bit different, something that they haven’t seen before. This being the case, Pinterest can offer some amazing ideas and inspiration that you can develop into unique content for your blog.

If you run a personal style blog and dig posts like ‘What I Wore Today’ and ‘Outfit of the Day’, there is a myriad of inspiration waiting for you, from casual outfits to red-carpet celebrities, from the cheap and cheerful to the drool-worthy designer pins.  Now, we’re definitely not suggesting you copy these super talented pinners, we’re just suggesting that you simply take some ideas away and work them in your own way.

Looking to incorporate DIY ideas into your blog?  Due to the varied nature of Pinterest content, you can find every project imaginable, from hemming a pair of trousers to decorated a four tier cake or tiling your bathroom.  Again, it’s important to create posts from your own perspective, using your own photography – after all, that’s why your readers keep coming back – but don’t be afraid of seeking a little pin-spiration every now and then.

Curation Nation

Pins themselves can become content for your website – round up posts of your favourite pins of the week or month are a great way to share curated content on your blog while also advertising the fact you’re on Pinterest to your followers. You could even compile a list of your favourite pinners, thus giving a little love back to the blogging community.

It sounds obvious, but having great content makes your blog a lot more interesting to read and can attract a lot more readers, thus increasing your followers and opportunities in the blogging world.

Drive Traffic To Your Blog

You can also use your Pinterest account to drive traffic towards your blog. If you’ve created an original recipe that you think people would love to share around, pin a photo from your blog onto one of your Pinterest boards and watch the re-pins roll in!

When you share a photo from your blog, you might be sharing with Pinterest followers who didn’t even know that you had a blog. Now they do, and you might just have gained a new follower. Make sure your blog URL is listed as a verified account so anyone looking at your profile can find you easily – you can also link up your Facebook page and Twitter account, too.



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