What Could You Sell on Your Blog?


What Could You Sell on Your Blog?

Your blog is a hub for all of your creative thoughts, but have you considered using it as a way to share your physical creations? Whatever your passion or skillset, using your blog to promote your products, as well your blogging experience is a brilliant way to convert your content to cash. We’re here to tell you how.


Badges, pins, sewing patterns, bags – whatever your craft – these are all fabulous physical creations which can not only feature on your blog but can be sold through it.

Some of our favourite picks are as follows:

  • Claire at Claireabellemakes.com we love her adorable bicycle themed designs and clever use of scrabble tiles.
  • Ali at verryberryhandmade.co.uk is the master of all things needle word. Her stitching workshops are perfect for newbie sewers.
  • Sarah at craftsfromthecwtch.co.uk has some gorgeous knitting patterns on her site that will leave you inspired to pick up those needles and yarn.


Are you a graphic designer? Why not use your experience to sell blog templates, logos, and designs? Your blog can be the perfect place to capture the traffic. This is an excellent way to grow your portfolio and make some cash. You could try:

  • Blog design
  • Invitations
  • Font creation
  • Design and photography packs

Some of our favourite design picks are as follows:

  • Lucy of capturedbylucy.com for her beautifully designed table top backdrops for bloggers, photographers, and crafters.
  • The graphicdesignblg for their eye-catching downloadable graphic assets.
  • Nole Garey at ohsobeautifulpaper.com whos paper design blog shows you how versatile paper can be with plenty of DIY’s, printables and downloads
  • Smittenonpaper.com who offer luxuriously designed stationery for all types of occasions.


We think eBooks are an awesome way share your vast knowledge whilst making a little cash for your hard work, as seen in our two previous blog posts on why you should create an eBook and how to then write and promote an eBook,

Think of an eBook as a massive blog post. Do you have a topic that you could write, say, 8 or 9 blog posts on? If so, then you can incorporate these blog ideas into one downloadable eBook. It doesn’t necessarily have to be lengthy, but can include as much detail as you want and can massively exceed your usual blog post length.

Of course, selling things on your blogs isn’t limited to these three things, anything that you could possibly think of, create, or design can be sold on and through your blog.

Plugins for ECommerce

So, now we’ve convinced you to monetise your blog with digital products, you need to know how to add a digital shop to your page. There are a range of widgets and plugins which you can integrate in to your blog. Don’t fret though, you don’t need to be the king of coding as this can often be done with very basic HTML knowledge and a bit of copying and pasting.


All you need to start selling on a WordPress blog is an eCommerce or shopping cart plugin which can sell anything, have a look at the plugin directory to find the best one for you. Also, it doesn’t need to be costly. There is no need for an SSL certificate as with WordPress you can integrate secure payment type plugins including PayPal, credit and debit card.


There are a variety of ways to sell products on the Blogger platform, and just like with WordPress, there are a multitude of plugins and integrations that can be used with Blogger.

All you need to start selling on Blogger is an eCommerce shopping cart service. There are lots to choose from in the market but here’s a round-up of some of the best for functionality, accessibility, and reliability.

ECommerce plugins and tools aren’t limited to just Blogger and WordPress, there are many blogging platforms that are equipped with tools for implementing a purchasing feature on your blog.

Let us know if you sell anything on your blog in the comments below, we love to hear about your creative ideas!



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