What is Vero and Why Should You Care?


What is Vero and Why Should You Care?

As the battle between the Instagram’s algorithm and influencers wages on, a new social app is on the scene and promises to be the solution – but is it?

Photo sharing app, Vero, launched in 2015, but has shot to fame in recent weeks thanks to the power of word-of-mouth among Instagram’s elite, and now finds itself playing with the big dogs of social media in the App Store’s top 50. So, should Instagram be afraid of this new rival? We’ve got the low-down.

What even is Vero?

Vero is the brainchild of Ayman Hariri, billionaire, and son of former Lebanese Prime Minister. Hariri told CNN that he came up with the idea for the app after noticing that his Facebook friends acted differently online compared to real life, hence the name Vero which translates as ‘Truth’ in Italian. Truthfulness is a manifesto that Hariri is keen to promote, hailing Vero as the “social network that lets you be yourself”.

On top of this, Vero offers an ad-free, chronologically ordered alternative, promising a “more authentic” user experience to the influential Instagrammers who have been jilted by the dreaded Instagram algorithm.

Sounds like the perfect social network right? Perhaps, but like anything, there are a few pitfalls.

What’s with all the backlash?

The top social networks are fueled (ultimately making them free) thanks to the money they make from advertising. Without this, Vero need a different source of income and a user subscription fee is their answer. The company hasn’t yet begun to implement their “few dollars a year” subscription fee and has instead offered a free for life option until further notice whilst they build up their user base.

As a new app, Vero is also prone to teething problems with many users reporting bugs and issues with the new social network already. But it’s 2.3 App Store rating doesn’t seem to be putting people off, with over 3 million now signed up.

Should I be on Vero?

Whilst we love the idea of an algorithm free Instagram, we can’t see Vero catching on. We don’t know many people that are willing to pay for their apps and ads inevitably work their way into every platform, despite good intentions. We have many questions for Vero, just how will influencers disclose paid partnerships and posts? Are brands allowed their own profiles? If yes, surely this is a form of advertising?

We aren’t sure about Vero but we aren’t going to rule it out completely. After all, we need a new platform after the Snapchat update right… Let us know your thoughts on Vero in the comments.



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