Why Reusing an Influencer Can Be Beneficial to your Brand


Why Reusing an Influencer Can Be Beneficial to your Brand

As a brand, are you under the impression that each campaign should feature a different influencer? A new face?

We’re here to dispel the belief that reusing an influencer can harm a campaign or brand. It is, in fact, a great idea, under the right circumstances. If you use the same influencer for multiple campaigns – this confirms several things:

  1. You have built a good relationship with this influencer
  2. The influencer likes you and your brand enough to work with you again
  3. You have created a brand ambassador who will represent your brand repeatedly and with authenticity

Loyal Promotion of your brand

Having an influencer (or several) who believes in your brand and will fly the flag to their following is an invaluable resource. They may create content for you, share your content and products or participate in different types of campaign – but they will advocate your business to your target audience in their own voice and style.

This is an amazing marketing tool – and it’s important to recognise that and let go of a few things along the way. This means letting your influencer have creative freedom with the content, stewardship over your brand’s image and the way they convey your brand message.

If you establish a strong relationship with an influencer who understands the core values of your business, along with your objectives and your image, they should work diligently to uphold these.

Your Eyes and Ears

Another valuable part of reusing the same influencers and maintaining a good relationship with them is their ability to ‘tap into’ your target audience and understand them on a more personal level.

Your influencer will be talking to them like a friend and advisor and reading their comments and conversations on their posts, ‘listening’ to what they have to say and what they want. This ends up providing you as the brand with invaluable feedback straight from the horse’s mouth.


An influencer who loves your brand and wants to work with you on multiple campaigns will have the holy grail: an authentic voice when promoting you and your products.

They will fit in well with your brand already and the fact that they are working with you a lot shows they believe in whatever you’re selling. Their expertise in the industry and their know-how is what their audience trusts and relies on.

So, when a social influencer becomes a sort of brand ambassador, the real influence begins!


If you can build a community of brand ambassadors who will be your social mouthpiece and capable of influencing buying decisions amongst your target audience, then the sky’s the limit!

To learn more about working with influencers and developing positive long-term relationships with bloggers and social influencers in your industry, then email us at hello@collectivedge.com



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