How to Write the Perfect Twitter Bio in Under 160 Characters


How to Write the Perfect Twitter Bio in Under 160 Characters

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Is your Twitter bio saying the right things about you?

Distilling your (obviously) marvellous personality down to 160 characters isn’t easy. However, as one of the first things people see when they click on that little square, you need to make every one of those words count.

Twitter undoubtedly wields power in the blogosphere, and a successful profile is an important tool for networking with brands and bloggers, as well as spreading the word about all of your amazing posts. Crafting the perfect bio is an essential step for attracting engaged followers, who will hopefully go on to become loyal advocates of your blog.

First, we’ll look at some general guidelines, before going on to consider some examples of bio styles and how they can work for you.

Five Tips for an Attention-Grabbing Bio

Peanut Butter Fingers Twitter bio

Tailor keywords to your audiencetools such as Followerwonk allow people to search keywords in bios, to help them find and follow people within their niche. What are the keywords associated with your blog? Make sure your bio includes them so that potential readers can find you.

Check out PHD in Parenting for an example of using keywords specific to your blogging niche. With 77.3 thousand followers, its focused approach has clearly worked in this case.  Alternatively Peanut Butter Fingers, above, is a great example of how you can mix targeted keywords with a sense of personality – great for light-hearted, personal blogs.

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Avoid listing meaningless words – the list bio frequently created by keyword loving tweeters has almost become a Twittersphere joke.  Bio’s like: ‘Social media expert, music lover, art fan, Twitterholic, thinker’ are all over Twitter, with tools like Twitter Bio Generator even being created to poke fun at the trend. Try to use keywords which actually mean something and avoid long lists.

Provide evidence of your accomplishmentsfurther to the above, listing vague statements such as ‘creative’ or ‘entrepreneur’ is fairly unconvincing. It’s far more powerful to use an example of what you’ve done to deserve this description. Run an award-winning blog? State the award. Written a book? Shout about it a la Christina Binkley. You can also use the opportunity to highlight any other brands or blogs you work for like Roxanna Sarmiento.

Do your researchyou shouldn’t create your Twitter bio in isolation. With so many profiles with huge followings, it’d be silly not to take a look at what they’re doing right. Study the bios of other users in your niche and consider what it is about them that would make you hit the ‘follow’ button.

Stand outwith so many Twitter profiles out there, you need to figure out how you can stand out. There’s no point finding a great bio and simply copying it – you need to make it your own. What’s your unique selling point? Why would people want to follow you?

Cupcakes and Cashmere’s Emily Schuman highlights that the partner book to her blog is a best-seller and gets straight down to what’s in it for you – ‘ guide to elevating everyday.’ Another common tactic, employed by bloggers such as Essie Button, is to make the bio short and humorous to grab browser’s attention.

There are two main types of bio that bloggers frequently use – the blog bio and the personal bio. 

Tech Crunch twitter profile

Blog Bio

The blog bio solely focuses on what your blog has to offer readers and is usually written in the third person. This style could work well for you if you run a faceless blog, often with a number of contributors and don’t want your personality to be a major factor.

Tech Crunch is a good example of this style – the bio simply and clearly advertises what the blog has to offer. With 3.6 million followers, the lack of personality clearly isn’t an issue here.

milkteef Twitter bio

Personal Bio

On the other hand, a personal bio can work perfectly if you run a blog where your personality is a major factor and part of the reason why your readers love it.

Some great examples are founder of Hostess with the Mostess Jennifer Sbranti, who promises to ‘flood you with eye candy’ and beauty blogger Emma from Milkteef.


There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to creating the perfect Twitter bio – it’s all about tailoring those 160 characters to be the perfect advert for you and your blog.

Hopefully, this post will have given you some great ideas, which you can tailor to suit your own bio. Have you got any more tips for creating the perfect Twitter bio? Let us know in the comments!