10 Beginner Tips for Awesome Blog Photography


10 Beginner Tips for Awesome Blog Photography

How to take good photos – close up of woman holding camera

Image from Unsplash.

Is your blog photography looking a little lackluster? You’re not alone. At CollectivEdge, we know how difficult it can be to get your images exactly right – especially when you’re just starting out.

That’s why we’ve put together this handy beginner’s guide to photography for bloggers. These 10 tips will tell you exactly how to take good photos, from setting up shots, right through to perfecting your editing.

Keep lighting natural

As a newbie blogger, one of the best things you can do for your photography is turn off your camera’s flash and use natural lighting instead. For an inside photoshoot, try to position subjects near windows or open doors; for outside shoots, aim to take your photos just after dawn or before dusk – during what photographers call ‘the golden hours’.

How to take good photos – man takes photo as sun sets

Image from Unsplash.

Learn the ‘rule of thirds’

When you first start taking photos for your blog, it seems obvious to position the subject of your photos in the centre – right?

Wrong! Instead, apply the rule of thirds, which essentially suggests that you position the subject of the photo off-centre rather than dead-centre. It’s a simple trick, but results in photos that are a lot more interesting and balanced.

How to take good photos – photo of pug, taken using rule of thirds

Image from Unsplash

Use props

Whether you’re shooting objects or people, it always pays to put some thought into finding props that will really make the image pop. A photo of your new nail varnish, on its own, might not look that interesting. But a photo of your nail varnish, surrounded by pretty trinkets or flowers in a complementary colour? That’s a different story.

How to take good photos – woman holding flower as prop

Image from Stocksnap.

Don’t forget the background

Have you ever spent hours arranging the perfect shot – only to realise that it’s ruined by the presence of a stray sock or rubbish bin in the background? Avoid this nightmare scenario by always paying attention to the backdrop before you start snapping. Five minutes spent tidying up or picking up litter beforehand could save you hours of editing later on.

How to take good photos – dog runs, with beach in background

Image from Stocksnap.

Better yet, make your own backdrop

Go one step further and set up your own backdrop for at-home shoots. For smaller objects and products, keep things sleek and simple with a plain white poster board, or create a vintage look with chalkboard or patterned fabric. For larger objects or people, consider hanging up a white sheet – or even a specialised photography backdrop – to create a professional look.

How to take good photos – coffee beans on top of handkerchief

Image from Unsplash.

Play around with angles

When you look at a lot of newbie bloggers’ photography, you’ll probably notice that a lot of it looks – well – a little flat. That’s because we’ve always been taught to just position ourselves in front of our subject and shoot.

Well, throw that habit out right now! When you’re taking photos, move around and take pictures from every angle you can. Your blog photography will immediately look more interesting.

How to take good photos – photo of tree taken from below

Image from Stocknap.

 Get up close and personal

While you’re busy experimenting with angles, don’t forget to include some juicy close up shots. Of course, if you’re photographing something small, such as a piece of jewellery, you probably knew this already. But a close up shot can also be a great way to show off the detailing on something larger – the beautiful stitching on the hem of a coat, say, or the fabulous texture on top of an apple crumble.

How to take good photos – close up of cowboy boot in stirrups

Image from Stocksnap.

Master the flat lay

What’s a flat lay, you ask? It’s an image, taken from above, of things that have been laid out flat. Flat lays are a great way of showing off a selection of items, and sooner or later most bloggers will find themselves taking one.

Take your time when composing a flat lay, trying out different positions and items until you’ve got it just right. Then take your snap from directly above – standing on a chair if you need to!

How to take good photos – food photography flat lay

Image from Unsplash.

Edit (in moderation)

When you first learn to edit photos, it can be tempting to go overboard – but nothing kills a good photo like oversaturation or layers upon layers of filters. Instead, focus on capturing the best image you can with your camera, and then applying subtle edits that really make them ‘pop’.

If you’re new to editing images, check out our tips on how to edit photos with Canva.

How to take good photos – photo being edited on computer

Image from Stocksnap.

Get creative with collages

Finally, one great way to make your blog stand out is to make collages and add text to your images. Go ahead and check out some of your favourite bloggers – we guarantee they’ll be doing it. It’s easy to do, and a great way to produce unique blog post headers and feature images.

Again, to learn more about adding text to images and creating collages, click here.

How to take good photos – text being added to image


So, there you have it – you now know how to take good photos. We look forward to seeing your awesome new blog photography soon!

Do you have any other tips for beginner bloggers looking to improve their blog photography? Share them with the CollectivEdge community in the comments below.



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