2015 Blog Awards: Revealing the Winners!


2015 Blog Awards: Revealing the Winners!

If you’ve been following our first ever Blog Awards, then boy do we have a great post in store for you today – it’s time to reveal the winners!

Earlier this year you nominated your favourite UK bloggers in 11 different categories, and we whittled those nominations down to a list of the top 5 in each niche. Then, it was back to you to vote for the very best.

Close to 5,000 votes rolled in and it was neck-and-neck between some bloggers until the last minute, but now the moment of truth is here and the winners are about to be  revealed…


beauty winner

CollectivEdge’s  Best Beauty Blogger of 2015 is…

The Coupon Queen

mens fashion blogger

CollectivEdge’s  Best Men’s Fashion  Blogger of 2015 is…

By Fashion Nazi

womens fashion bloggers

CollectivEdge’s  Best Women’s Fashion  Blogger of 2015 is…

The Barefaced Chic

parenting blogger

CollectivEdge’s  Best Parenting  Blogger of 2015 is…

Mama’s Haven

tech bloggers

CollectivEdge’s  Best Technology  Blogger of 2015 is…

Sark e-Media

food blogger

CollectivEdge’s  Best Food  Blogger of 2015 is…

I Don’t Like Peas

nterior design bloggers

CollectivEdge’s  Best Interior Design  Blogger of 2015 is…

The Twinkle Diaries

gardening blogger

CollectivEdge’s  Best Gardening  Blogger of 2015 is…

My Climate Change Garden

travel blogger

CollectivEdge’s  Best Travel  Blogger of 2015 is…

Enjoy The Journey

sport blogger

CollectivEdge’s  Best Sport  Blogger of 2015 is…

Fat Girl to Ironman

wedding bloggers

CollectivEdge’s  Best Wedding  Blogger of 2015 is…

Love Me Love My Wedding

A huge congratulations to the 11 winners above, and to the 44 other finalists who were all hand-selected from nominees because we think they’re awesome!

Did you vote for one of the winners here? Would you like to see us rerun  the blog awards in 2016? Leave a comment below, we love hearing from you.



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