A Blogger’s Guide to Editing Images with Canva


A Blogger’s Guide to Editing Images with Canva

As a blogger, chances are you know that high-quality images are a key part of getting readers and brands interested in your work. But you’ll also know that photo editing software can be a little on the pricey side. In the past we’ve spoken about the free alternatives to the almighty Photoshop but today we want to introduce you to our newest BFFL – Canva.

If you’ve never heard of it before Canva, you truly have been missing out. It’s a completely free online editing and graphic design tool that is perfect for newbie bloggers who want to jazz up their posts, create images to share on social media and even design yourself a fancy blog logo.

Don’t know where to start? No fear, we’re here today with our bloggers guide to Canva, so let’s get stuck in.

An Introduction.

Canva tips

It’s no surprise that you may open Canva and feel a little lost in a sea of stunning layout options and elegant font choices, but luckily you don’t need to work it all out alone. Canva offer a great deal of simple and informative tutorials that will help you get your head around the many different things you can do and create. With guides on everything – and yes we really mean everything – from shapes to branding, it really won’t take you long to become a fully fledged Canva expert yourself.  

Getting that Perfect Fit.


Once you’ve done the learning, the real fun can begin. There are a wide range of templates from perfectly-sized social media backgrounds – that are a brilliant way to capture your social following’s attention – to those all-important blog graphics and headers. You can also enter your own dimensions to fit your image sizing needs (you may find this social media sizing guide pretty handy!). Once you’ve picked the perfect size you’ll be faced with a blank canvas ready for your creativity to be unleashed, or you can upload your very own image to make it look even more fabulous!

Giving Your Images Pop & Flair.


With Canva you can make any bog standard photo look worthy of the National Gallery in a matter of minutes. Well, almost. Whatever you’re designing there’s nothing more eye catching than a really awesome photo and with Canva you can do it without incurring a hefty sum. Simply upload your photo of choice, click ‘Filter’ and you’ll be faced with a whole host of fantastic editing options – Photoshop eat your heart out!

You can apply Instagram-esque filters without a hitch, add a little blur to make the focus of your image pop, and even give them a warm-fuzzy old timely touch with vignette (which may become a personal favourite with many of you artsy bloggers).

Getting Creative.

Canva Backgrounds

Whether your using your newly polished image or you’re starting from scratch without an image, you may be thinking “what the hell do I do next!?”. To add a splash of colour you can select one of their many free backgrounds and colour choices with one simple click.


Next up you may want to add a font with your next fabulous blog post title, motivational quote or whatever message your heart desires. It’s simple to do and with hundreds of different fonts and free templates to pick from you’re bound to find one you like. Again it’s just a case of drag, drop and then click to add your own text!



Like any masterpiece, your Canva creation may deserve a frame. These can also be found in the ‘Layouts’ tab on the left hand side. And it’s another case of drag and drop.

Using Canva really is simple. Set up a free account, give it a play around and create some stunning blog worthy images! It won’t take you long to see why it’s become a favourite for us here at CollectivEdge HQ.

Do you know any other useful Canva tricks? Let us know in the comments below!



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